MINERVA SACHS FISCHER MRX 650 An American Exotic Motorcycle with MotoGP Platform Technology

Jakarta - PT. Minerva Motor Indonesia (MMI) has shown its seriousness to continue to compete in the sports motorcycle segment. Success with the launch of two previous models, namely Minerva Sachs Megelli R150VX and 250 series, now PT. MMI tried to hit the market by introducing sports motorcycle motor sport bike was a big cc, loaded with technology and using the platform of MotoGP.

"In accordance with the vision of the company, PT. MMI always strive to meet market demand sports Indonesia will be a quality product and loaded with technology. As with previous products, PT. MMI always display products with attractive designs, spectacular and very outstanding. Now it's time we introduced the top of the line of our products, namely Minerva Sachs Fischer MRX 650, "said Kristianto Goenadi President Director of PT. MMI at the soft launch of Minerva Sachs JIExpo MRX-650 in Kemayoran (11 / 6).
Fischer MRX 650 turned out to not only offer a very sporty design and American style, but also packed with MotoGP technology with a very classy components, namely:
650cc V-Twin engine DOHC with four valves in each cylinder, using cooling water / liquid, can produce maximum power 80 ps at 9950 rpm and maximum torque of 70 Nm at 7000 rpm. Fischer MRX 650 is also equipped with Ram Air technology that serves to manambah power in every acceleration.
MRX650 Fischer is the only sports motorcycle that uses a one-piece aluminum chassis and a one-piece swing arm normally used in MotoGP. Brand for suspension Ohlins suspension front and rear upside down, adjustable height, Brembo brakes also Italy to the front with dual-disc and rear semi-floating 310mm discs with 210 mm. Fischer MRX 650 also have been using Bridgestone tires (Battlax) the well known reliability.
Drive Train:
Having six speeds to support Regina chain type O-ring sealed to keep the chain on the optimal conditions to produce low-noise.
Overall, the use of MotoGP technology on the rise design, armed with an empty weight of 166 kg with 1397 mm wheelbase, Fischer MRX 650 provide stability and handling which is very qualified. Not only that, the sitting position can be adjusted with the adjustable seat of his features will provide more comfort for the rider. Fischer MRX 650 have a fuel tank design is very aerodynamic with a capacity of 17 Litres. "Fischer MRX 650 provides a combination of performance, reliability and beauty of a sport bike. Has the best handling in the world and is the only sports motorcycle manufactured in the U.S.. With a 650cc V Twin engine, chassis Water Cooler supported by a single piece of the first MotoGP world and class components, will provide exceptional driving sensations. "Continued Kristianto.

Fischer MRX 650 is produced in Maryland, USA, USA is located on the east coast which borders the state of Virginia and has pocketed the certification from the Agency for Highway Safety Insurance Corporation or the Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), the United States. To produce products that deliver quality and durability, Fischer MRX 650 is supported by several world class suppliers and engineering such as:
Producer of world-class suspension from Sweden who is an official supplier of MotoGP, entrusting its products for use as a main component in the chassis Fischer MRX 650.
Axis Aerospace and Technologies, contributed to the engineering Fischer MRX 650, ranging from 3D Modelling, providing tooling & manufacturing software, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), material sciences, design and analysis of assembly components. This company is a technology supplier to Boeing, Caterpillar and other major corporations.
Known as the brake manufacturer which supplies the leading motorcycle and the official supplier of MotoGP. Gemini Technology Systems. Companies that have long been a partner of Harley-Davidson to create a design and build of the VR1000 Superbike. Gemini has come up with MotoGP technology platform for Fischer MRX 650.
Perform design engineering in Japan and has a factory in South Korea. Hyosung is currently believed to operate a very large assembly plant for Suzuki motorcycles.

"Supporting world-class supplier of course will provide a guarantee for lovers of big motorcycles in Indonesia about the quality and reliability of this Fischer MRX 650. We will also ensure that the specifications used in the U.S. and other countries will also be applied to the output PT Fischer MRX 650. MMI, "explained Kristianto, this white guy with glasses.

Currently Currently, PT. MMI has 59 authorized dealers and 116 sales outlets throughout Indonesia. Target until the end of 2010 we will expand the sales network and after sales up to 110 authorized dealers and 300 sales outlets. "Fischer MRX 650 is intended for large motorcycle hobbyist segment is very limited. Thus, we only target the sale of 100 units by the end of 2010, "said Kristianto.

To help its sales in all regions of Indonesia, PT. MMI has received financing support from big companies such as Adira Finance, finance and Mashill WOM Finance. Fischer MRX 650 is offered at a price of Rp. 120 million (OTR Jakarta) with pivot system until September 2010. Having a choice of three colors: Orange Solar Flare, Rocket Red, Ebony and Pearl White Metallic.
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